[Talk-us] Work to be done

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Apr 8 18:48:34 BST 2012

If anybody hasn't noticed (!) our tools to discover areas which need 
license remapping are still extant:  I find JOSM-enabling Remote 
Control and the License Check plugin, then using BADMAP layer's "Edit 
in JOSM" feature to be extremely valuable in this quest, especially 
with JOSM's Bing layer turned on (thank you, Microsoft, and I wasn't 
sure I would ever say that).  If OSM's Powers That Be have decided to 
"not quite yet" force actual deletion of un-licensable data, I also 
thank them/us that the April 1st deadline was not "hard," but appears 
to be "soft."  Please, let's make the best of this additional window 
of time we have to re-map!

California's Bay Area shows marked improvement, and as of now is 
"about navigable."  (Though it is true:  much other non-road data in 
the Bay Area will likely still be lost).  Working "outward" from 
there, a lot of Central Valley (California) highways/freeways still 
need work, and Southern California freeways in Los Angeles, Orange, 
and parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties are a major task 
still remaining.  Highways/freeways in greater San Diego also remain 
"not navigable" although the good news is that I envision that work 
taking only a couple/few days of dedicated effort by a/some skilled 

We can do this!


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