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Ngày 2012-04-11 4:23 PM, Phil! Gold viết:
> * Minh Nguyen <mxn at 1ec5.org> [2012-04-04 11:54 -0700]:
>> More requests: in addition to its circular-shield state highway system,
>> Kentucky also has an ad-hoc "parkway" network. At least some of them are
>> tagged `network=US:KY:Parkway` with a shield URL in `symbol`.
> Since I've now got shields rendering larger at higher zoom levels, I made
> some shields for the Kentucky Parkways.  They are indeed pretty unreadable
> until you get to about z17, but at that point you can mostly make out what
> they are (or you can also just read the name on the road...).  At least
> there's something on the motorways so they don't just look naked.

Even if the parkway shields are mostly illegible, they're still quite an 
improvement over Google Maps (which uses the parkways' unsigned 900x 
route numbers) and Bing and MapQuest (nothing other than the road name 
at higher zoom levels).

Thanks for your attention to detail!

> We're putting the shield images in the public domain (well, we're putting
> them under a CC0 waiver, which amounts to the same thing semantically), so
> I don't think the "Kentucky Unbridled" image would be compatible with
> that.  I just went with an italic font.  (It's not like you can tell at
> these resolutions, anyway.)
>> One way to simplify them would be to use the routes' two-letter
>> abbreviations.
> NE2 suggested this for New York's parkways, too.  I want to see how the
> current shields are received now that you can zoom in and see more detail
> on them, but using the routes' initials is certainly a possibility if no
> one likes their current incarnation.

On second thought, some of the Kentucky parkways' abbreviations require 
a little guessing anyways, so maybe the spelled-out images are good 
enough. Someone who tries to navigate based on this map will say "that 
blue and white sign with tiny text", which is exactly how they'll see it 
on guide signs.

>> Adding to the mess, the AA Highway is a special case that I *think*
>> belongs in `network=US:KY` as `ref=AA`.
> I've added that, too.  The network=US:KY, ref=AA relation does not appear
> to include all of the ways with the name "AA Highway" (it looks like the
> relation ends somewhere around KY 2828).

I'll get right to it.

By the way, four-digit circle shields appear to have broken over the 
last day or two:


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