[Talk-us] Excellent progress, u.s.

Alan Mintz Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.Net
Tue Apr 17 01:41:06 BST 2012

At 2012-04-16 13:52, stevea wrote:
>>At 2012-04-12 17:36, you wrote:
>>>I see excellent progress in California during the recent eight days of 
>>>re-mapping.  If you are an editing maniac...
>>Can you comment on your process? I see very little real, coordinated info 
>>about tools, concrete solutions, or teamwork. As a formerly quite active 
>>SoCal mapper, I'm basically just dead in the water, wondering how much of 
>>my hard work has just been discarded (e.g. speed-limits, lanes, turn 
>>restrictions, source references, carefully aligned geometries, etc.) and 
>>whether to bother trying to get it back. I can't possibly be alone (?).
>I almost forgot:  in step 7 of my previous message, the Delete step may 
>inform you that you are deleting from a relation.  This is especially true 
>of motorways, which are often described with relations.  If this is the 
>case, go ahead and confirm the deletion from the relation, making note of 
>WHICH relation(s) this element is a member of.

Glad you mentioned that - it's something I've spent a lot of time on. Be 
sure to note the role of the object in the relation as well. In the case of 
turn restrictions, traffic-control, and housing relations, the role is as 
important as the object's presence, and will break the relation without it.

So, we're left with:
>>I can't even find any info on the redaction. What is the plan? Where is 
>>it now? How can I see what it's doing? Shouldn't there be a big, bold 
>>link to this kind of info on the wiki main page?

Can someone involved comment?

Alan Mintz <Alan_Mintz+OSM at Earthlink.net>

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