[Talk-us] Parks, etc. Points or outlines

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Tue Apr 24 18:32:45 BST 2012

Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com> writes:

>         In doing the remap in LA, I've run across parks, some schools
> and other map features that are marked with both points and outlines.
> For La Cienega Park, the park is outlined, coded "park" and
> named. There also is a point for La Cienega Park. My initial impulse
> was to delete the point, because the outline captured so much more
> information, but I thought I would ask first.

Typically there are points from a GNIS import, and usually they were not
too accurate.  Then if someone draws the park nicely, there is better
geometry.   There is some notion of merging the gnis tags onto the
boundary way so that some future process of "show me all the objects in gnis
that are not on the map" would make more sense, but this is going to be
a mess anyway.

So I'd say that if the point object looks like gnis, then copy the gnis
id tag to the way and nuke the point.
If the point object isn't from some other database, then it might as
well be deleted.
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