[Talk-us] Finding new roads

Mike N niceman at att.net
Sun Jan 22 23:41:35 GMT 2012

On 1/22/2012 4:06 PM, Bryce2 Nesbitt wrote:
> And here is where the rusty old TIGER data still has something to offer
> OSM: address data.
> A very common map use case is "show me a map around this address".
>   Bringing in that data from TIGER might not bring any more /mappers/,
> but it could bring a lot of /viewers/.

   TIGER's address ranges are obfuscated by law for privacy reasons. 
The typical resolution is only to within the nearest block.   Anyone who 
needs to geolocate an address is still free to fall back to the TIGER 
address ranges using a secondary data source if the address is not in 
OSM's database.   I believe this is already how Nominatim or one of its 
sources works.

   Another advantage of keeping the TIGER address ranges in a secondary 
database is that the information can be easily updated by replacing with 
new data rather than needing to conflate with existing OSM data.

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