[Talk-us] LA and other license changeover challenged areas.

Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 13:37:01 GMT 2012

martjin wrote

"I'd say knowing what they look like + Bing is sufficient if the road
markings are actually there (not only the lane separator linear
markings - that's too ambiguous). "

Ok - I have remapped Cypress Avenue and the intersection at
Verdugo Road using only Bing and TIGER.

I have added a few traffic signals and one crossing and have
inferred two turn restrictions from Bing imagery of pavement markings.

However I have one problem.

Just North of the San Fernando - Verdugo intersection is a small
oneway connection road from Cypress Avenue/Eagle Rock Boulevard.

Previously in OSM it was tagged as Part of Eagle Rock Boulevard
and Google Street View seems to confirm this.

However The TIGER 2011 Josm layer does not have this named or
maybe it is not rendering.  Using MARPLOT with TIGER 2010 data
I see it named as part of San Fernando Road which is what I have had
to put into OSM.

Can anyone tell me if TIGER 2011 has this named or does any one
have personal knowledge of the correct name.

If not then I will try to organise someone in L.A. to take a run past
that intersection.

Please feel free to tell me if I've messed up anything here or if
you think that I've infringed anyones Copyright.
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