[Talk-us] TIGER fixup and mapping "more"

Mike N niceman at att.net
Wed Jul 11 21:19:06 BST 2012

On 7/11/2012 3:56 PM, Evin Fairchild wrote:
> If people don't want to do the TIGER fixup all over again, they could import
> the TIGER 2011 data which is of MUCH better quality than the TIGER data that
> was originally imported into OSM (though not quite perfect).  In fact, I
> sometimes use the TIGER data overlay to get the names of roads that have
> been built recently after having traced them from the satellite image.  This
> uploading of new TIGER 2011 data would be a much better use of peoples' time
> than having to do the TIGER fixup all over again.  Just an idea...

   I agree that TIGER 2011 is a great resource to use.   It is not 
practical to do any sort of mass upload and replace because all major 
highways have had many attributes added such as lanes, route 
designations, etc.   I would normally pull in new subdivisions this way, 
then bring the TIGER 2011 up to OSM standards.   Some of TIGER 2011 is 
usable as is, but some of it requires tweaking.

   I can imagine that much of the fixing would be to fill in missing 
road segments from aerial imagery.   Some of it will be wrong without 
local knowledge; the declining contributor originally split the road for 
a reason.   But having a road will allow routing to work again.

   Overall for a general region as large as Columbia SC, this represents 
many hours.  I don't have must local knowledge there any more, and I 
have much more interesting projects where I live.

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