[Talk-us] TIGER fixup and mapping "more"

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Thu Jul 12 14:29:56 BST 2012

Richard Weait schrieb:
> Larger cleanups can be imposing at first glance.  Other mappers will
> understand that a single mapper can't do everything at once, so you
> shouldn't be criticized if you fix a few things but not others.

After having spent another vacation in the US (in Northern California 
this time), I started wondering if there should be a mass edit to switch 
all the highway=residential (or other highway values set en masse and 
mostly wrong) that are from TIGER imports and still on v1 objects to 
highway=road instead.
The reason for this is that we have a ton of dirt/gravel roads through 
the woods that are mapped as "residential" and therefore are highly 
misleading for both routing services as well as people looking at a map 
and trying to figure out which way to go "manually".
Note that this is just an idea, and I wouldn't be the one actually doing 
this as I have no ideas about how to do mass edits in a good way. I just 
wanted to bring this up with the US community.
AFAIK, the highway=road tag for "unspecified road, needing someone to 
review and switch to correct classification" did not exist back when 
those imports were made initially and would be the right choice for such 
imports nowadays.

Robert Kaiser

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