[Talk-us] LA part of the map essentially is unusable

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Fri Jul 20 00:11:23 BST 2012

* Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com> [2012-07-19 15:58 -0700]:
>         That's great, but will it overwrite work that we've already
>         done?

Presumably not.  Potlatch loads shapefiles into a separate layer and
requires mappers to manually pull the data into OSM.

>         Also, is this something that works only in JOSM, in which
> case many of us couldn't use it?

No.  For one thing, Richard is the main developer of Potlatch and doesn't
do anything with JOSM.  For another thing, he mentioned "reworking the P2
source code"; "P2" refers to Potlatch 2.

>         Also, I still don't understand why all the TIGER data was
> deleted on ways that were partially deleted.

Because of OpenStreetMap's data model.  When you split a way, what your
editor does is upload a changed version of the original that only
contains half the original nodes and then upload a new way with the same
tags as the old one that contains the other half of the nodes.  To
subsequent database queries, the second way appears as though you created
it and there's no direct link back to the way that originally contained
the nodes.

On top of that, there was a deliberate decision made (as I understand
things) not to undo deletions, which includes the removal of nodes from a
way.  Had the bot done that, there would be many places where the bot
would create multiple, overlapping, tangled ways.

Since either approach would have left significant messes for mappers to
clean up, there wasn't really a good way forward.  The people working on
the redaction bot felt that not undeleting would be the better of two bad

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