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Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Wed Jul 25 18:57:39 BST 2012


On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 11:45 AM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:
> In my experience, the single most expensive bit about the flyers is
> distribution. Printing 10k flyers costs ~ EUR 130 or so here in Germany (so,
> 1.3 cent per piece), but re-packaging them into easily shippable cartons of
> 100 or 200pcs and mailing them to individual mappers or local groups costs ~
> 1.8 cent per piece on average, not counting time spent.
> I had tried to find someone in the US to distribute the English flyer; I had
> someone willing to sponsor the cost of printing but nobody I spoke to felt
> able to actually handle distribution.

Helpful info, thanks!

I guess we should have one central distribution point here in the US.
Shipping within the US is pretty cheap (shipping to and from Canada
not so much, or so I've heard). I can do it if there's no central
repository for these things yet. Steven mentioned he already has a few
100 and SteveC may have more. I'll ping Steve and see if he has a lot
of them. I also remember Thea sent a lot of stuff to the GeoIQ office
when we had the hack weekend there back in Feb. What was that and
where is it now?

martijn van exel

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