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OK, to the list this time...damn gmail and lack of reply-to-list...

On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 11:11 AM, Alan Mintz
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> Getting the road/trail names/numbers out of the USFS is difficult,
> requiring a fair amount of research to find a map on which it is legible,
> searching for it in their road inventories, etc. I've done some of the
> unpaved roads in the SB, Angeles, and Cleveland forests with which I'm
> familiar, but I think there are a lot of trails to do still.

Fortunately, the National Forest Development routes are all signed.  They
might not necessarily use trailblazers (save for the two-digit routes, but
sometimes not even then, as is the case with Larch Mountain Road in the
Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge, which someone seems to have removed the
ref from and continued the name past where the name applies onto the
unnamed NFD road).

Looks like the three levels are more distinctively differentiated between
primary, secondary and tertiary a bit more distinctively, and even provides
hints on motorcar=* tags.


Of course, this brings us to a previous discussion on preferred/discouraged
access tagging, since the forest service outright states they manage access
that way in their manual.  Pretty safe bet that anything vertically signed
is highway=track at best.

TIGER did import most, if not all, of the National Forest Development route
numbers, though incorrectly identifying them as names instead of refs (and
an extremely rare example of the way actually holding the ref instead of an
overlying route in the US).
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