[Talk-us] More TIGER importing

Nathan Edgars II neroute2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 01:18:57 GMT 2012

On 3/14/2012 8:37 PM, Mike N wrote:
> The tiger:reviewed=no tag usage varies with each person, but generally
> anything validated by a human against local knowledge or an aerial image
> doesn't need the tiger:reviewed tag at all.

I would disagree with this - reviewing should include verifying the 
street name. If you just check against aerials, especially in an area 
where TIGER is imprecise (hence a suburban street may be drawn in the 
rough location of the next one over), you could let many name errors 

Depending on the state or local government, you may be able to verify 
names against an official dataset. Otherwise subdivision plats work for 
the endless suburban superblocks that nobody wants to survey.

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