[Talk-us] New York Lakes & Ponds?

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Sep 1 18:23:12 BST 2012

Anybody want to help me map New York State lakes and Ponds? I have a
service which goes through the GNIS listing (complete listing ... not
just the ones imported into OSM), picks "the next" lake or pond, and
returns a redirect to JOSM's remote control. All it does is position
you to the GNIS location of the lake. It's up to you to decide if it
needs mapping (I've discarded a few because the lake has filled up
with vegetation and has plants growing on its entire surface), has
already been mapped, or needs to be mapped.

Nearly all of these bodies of water have a name available on the USGS
Topographic maps. I keep two imagery sources open: the USGS Topo, and
Bing. Digitize using Bing, decide if it's a natural pond
(natural=water) or a dammed reservoir (landuse=reservoir), add the
tag, make the Topo visible, and add the name tag.

Some people are adding water=pond or water=lake, but I'm not sure what
the distinction is supposed to be, and after seeing a hundred or so,
the choice of Pond or Lake seems completely arbitrary.

http://russnelson.com/next.cgi ... but please don't visit it unless
you plan to enter the lake or pond in question, because there's no way
to say "oh gosh, I'm just visiting this idly and don't plan to enter
the lake presented to me."

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