[Talk-us] Remap-a-tron observation

David ``Smith'' vidthekid at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 13:40:26 BST 2012

One thing that would have made RemapATron's existence difficult before the
redaction I think is predicting which ways would be deleted entirely.  As I
recall, there were various remapping tools which flagged dirty objects with
slightly different criteria. I think it was even said a few times "we'll
have to wait for the bot to run to know for sure".

RemapATron, post-redaction, doesn't need to replicate the redaction bot's
deletion criteria -- it only needs to work from a fixed list of deleted
objects. If we sent this tool into the past, it would need to be joined
with some prediction code to be useable, and then not as reliable (unless
we also sent back the deleted objects list, but that could create
paradoxes).  Sorry if my hypothetical time travel argument seems silly...
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