[Talk-us] Mark your calendars for the #BirthdaySprint! (Now with snazzy website!)

Kathleen Danielson kathleen.danielson at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 17:32:41 UTC 2013

As you all know, in honor of OpenStreetMap's 9th birthday, we are
holding a Birthday
Sprint <http://osmlab.github.io/birthday-sprint/> next weekend, August 10th
- 11th. Since we can't all be in the same room (this time), this will be a
distributed code sprint, so you won't even need to get off the couch! All
you'll need to do is get online, and all you'll need to bring is your

Whoever has an OSM project they are working on is invited to rally their
communities to do a dedicated push over those two days. We already have a
LOT of great projects signed up, so if you want to help, but don't know
where to get started, check out our projects
where you can find contact info, code repositories, discussion lists and

We're working to identify tasks for non-developers as well, so keep
checking back as we get closer to the date of the sprint if you don't see
anything you feel comfortable contributing to just yet.

These are the projects that are signed up so far:

   - OSM Groups
   - HOT Website updates
   - HOT cross-site toolbar
   - Complete iD integration into tasking server
   - WikiMaps
   - Historical OSM
   - Hashtag Aggregation
   - Social Feature Planning (UX workshop)
   - DC Building Import

We're excited about all of the enthusiasm that we've heard so far, but this
list isn't done yet! If you've got a project you'd like to add feel free to
hit me up, or fork the github page. All we ask is that someone take
ownership for the sprint, you provide a place where contributors can find
tasks and ongoing discussion, and bring a lot of enthusiasm!

Finally, even though this is a distributed code sprint, there are a few
in-person events popping up (in DC, SF, and Salt Lake City). Find details
here <http://osmlab.github.io/birthday-sprint/locations/>, and let us know
if you're planning an in-person event too!

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