[Talk-us] Shields are up!

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Wed Aug 7 21:48:06 UTC 2013

On 8/7/13 4:33 PM, Richie Kennedy wrote:
> Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I'm having trouble getting 
> county road shields in my area to render.
> Example: 
> http://tile.openstreetmap.us/osmus_shields/preview.html#16/39.0031/-95.3842
it may be that the shield configuration files need to be updated. i 
don't see a configuration file for US:KS,
so Kansas County Route shields may not be in place yet. Phil or Toby can 
clarify this.
> I have made County Road 1029 a relation and, using another county road 
> as a template, set the network as US:KS:Douglas (and have also tried 
you should probably use the county name, as US:KS:CR is likely 
ambiguous. i know it would be in NY,
which is why we just finished correcting those.


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