[Talk-us] Mass deletion in shawnee county, ks

Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Tue May 28 12:54:09 UTC 2013


There are multiple components to this situation, but I want to start
with the most timely and important, not so much for you, as for others
in the US community who might be unaware of the situation in its

Paul Norman is not a rogue mapper, he is a member of the DWG, OSM's
arbiter of what is and isn't allowed in the OSM database, so if he has
taken an action, it is presumably either with the DWG, or with the
implicit seniority that Paul's work or association carries with it.

Secondly, to re-emphasize what Paul said- you have not followed the
DWG's guidelines regarding imports, and according to your own mail,
you are continuing not to follow those guidelines through use of
automated editing (a bot).

Thirdly, from my perspective you never contacted or contributed to the
US Import Committee, either meeting or mailing list- if you had, then
you'd know that our processes are even more stringent than those of
the DWG. Yet Toby (who you CCed) has been able to follow them (and has
helped clarify and expand them). So it's doable, and it's doable by
people you want to be part of this conversation.

Fourthly, you have been a part of this project for several years and
know the issues about imports, and certainly know the importance of
community discussion and approval in relation to imports.

In fact, you have felt so strongly about the OSM community, that
several years back, you decided to be part of an OSM fork, which you
continue to advertise in your mail sig.

If you want to be part of this community, meaning the OpenStreetMap
community in the United States, I and others would welcome you, but
you should be participatory and follow the  guidelines that this
community (the DWG and then the US Community) has regarding imports.

- Serge

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