[Talk-us] TIGER 2013 Places shapefile for PA?

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 05:00:00 UTC 2013

That ITO map seems to be only looking at ways. If you include relations in
the analysis things should actually be pretty good. There should be a
(mostly) correct boundary relation for every county in the US. At one point
I was the last user to have touched about 40% of them... There may very
well be some cleanup with state/city borders that overlap. I thought I got
most of the state ones although I may have missed some out east.


On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 10:43 PM, stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:

> This reminds me of how patchy old USA looks when viewed with itoworld's
> admin_level render http://www.itoworld.com/map/2?**lon=-95&lat=37&zoom=5&*
> *fullscreen=true<http://www.itoworld.com/map/2?lon=-95&lat=37&zoom=5&fullscreen=true>especially at county level (admin_level=6 orange).  Some states are
> snap-sharp beautiful (Michigan, Dakotas, Carolinas, New Mexico), some are
> pretty sloppy (large parts of the West:  no offense, I'm simply identifying
> some hills to climb).
> If there is a "can o' whoop" state by state available (whether freshly
> offered by our federal workers or a not-stale archive), perhaps effort to
> tease the good ones in (untangling with what is already) can be part of a
> next Edit-A-Thon.
> Yes, by can o' whoop I mean the pop-it-open special blend of skill,
> careful steps, wider discussion, vetting, organization and
> roll-up-our-sleeves that I KNOW we can do, but hey, isn't that what we're
> doing here?!
> Just throwing out what I think might be a well-identified idea. Discussing
> and paying attention to counties-at-a-time can shake a little order into
> things where now it seems a bit lumpy and chaotic.
> SteveA
> California
> (yes, we have some work to do here!)
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