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stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Jan 13 23:36:48 UTC 2014

Hello Dave:

In California, the California Public Records Act or CPRA (1) and 
recent court cases (2, 3) make data published by our government 
(public) entities consistent with OpenStreetMap's license.  This went 
all the way to the California Supreme Court and is established 
statute, and so is essentially legally unassailable.

I (and I believe the greater OSM community) welcome your input of 
these data into OSM.  This is done by adding the correct speed_limit 
tags to the appropriate ways:  don't forget to add MPH otherwise the 
units are assumed to be km/h.  See 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Speed_limit for our documentation.

You might also want to take a look at existing tagging on roadways 
near you using the handy map at http://www.itoworld.com/map/124 which 
shows existing speed_limit tagging in OSM via a custom renderer built 
especially for that purpose.  For example see US-101 north of Cal 
Poly and California State Route 58 through Santa Margarita.

It couldn't hurt to travel to the closest road and "check consistency 
of published data against on-the-ground reality."  Use this as a 
guide to judge for yourself the quality of the data.

If you trust the data, give a local roadway a try by entering it into 
OSM and see if you like the way the results look (in the itoworld 
map), and then take it from there.  You might continue to manually 
add more, you might want to posit an import to the wider community 
(and get help, or do it yourself), you might point others to the data 
you have found and ask them to do an import.  But again, I welcome 
you to enter the data into OSM and "enjoy" the results!


(1) California Government Code, section 6250 et seq

(2) County of Santa Clara vs. California First Amendment Coalition, 
Court of Appeal Sixth Appellate District #H031658, Super. Ct. No. CV 
072630, (2009) where the court held "the CPRA contains no provisions 
either for copyrighting (this work of geographic data) or for 
conditioning its release on an end user or licensing agreement by the 
requester.  The record thus must be disclosed as provided in the 
CPRA, without any such conditions or limitations."

(3)  Finally, in the Supreme Court of California, Sierra Club vs. 
Superior Court of Orange County (S194708) ruled that "digital mapping 
files known as geographic information systems must be released under 
the state's public records law."  (2013)

as well as 

>I'm new to this mailing list, but have contributed little changes here
>and there for almost two years in San Luis Obispo county, California.
>I'd like to contribute more: specifically, speed limit info.  I recently
>stubled across a document put out by the county Public Works department
>that summarizes all of the county traffic codes, including the speed
>limits of all county-maintained roads, and I would like to find out more
>about how to incorporate this.  I have no illusions that my first act should
>be to do a mass update or anything, but I think that if I knew what would
>be useful information to provide, I could extract and process the data from
>this document and give the data to someone else who does know what they're
>What should be my first step(s)?

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