[Talk-us] Statistics of board candidate edits

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Fri Oct 3 15:28:03 UTC 2014

Darrell, Paul did say that it was a rudimentary analysis.  It is.  It
is just one lens through which one might view the candidates.  Their
candidacy statements are another lens.  Your interaction with each
candidate on lists, at conferences, and through social media is
another (or another three) lens(es).

Of course you are free to disagree with him.  One might suggest that
an experienced board member may have "forgotten what it is like to be
a beginner" and thus would be less able to understand and address the
challenges faced by new mappers.  I agree with this statement to a
point; not every experienced mapper is an effective coach for new
mappers.  Measuring and evaluating that hypothesis would be a
challenge.  :-)

Darrell, you say that you "can’t think of a reason where number of
edits made by a board member matters matters one iota". I believe that
Paul addresses that directly in his statement, "When considering the
qualifications of someone on the board which sets direction for the
local chapter, it is certainly useful to their experience as an OSM
contributor in the US."

I also see the benefits of the supplemental skills list that you added
in your email Darrell.  I wouldn't argue against a candidate who
brings useful supplemental skills, such as the ones you list.

That said, it is my understanding that some of those tasks are already
handled, in part, by other volunteers.  If I remember correctly, the
DC event organization team included several non-board members.  Also,
it is my understanding that the bulk of local events in the US are run
by local volunteers.  Both of those are true on the international
scale when you look at OSMF, and the Working Groups.

Paul, did you take alternate accounts into consideration, or only one
uid per candidate?

Best regards,


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