[Talk-us] perceptions of OHM and other similar projects

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Apr 3 15:48:58 UTC 2015

On 4/3/15 10:40 AM, Greg Morgan wrote:
> If you are asking for an opinion, then this is the kind-of thing that
> is a detriment to OSM.  Whereas I try to use OpenSeaMap tags where I
> can for the limited features that sea map applies, I won't go out of
> my way to add data to OSH.  My main concern is that OSH defuses
> mapping resources that are already sparse in the US.  That we couldn't
> find a set of tags to keep the data in the main OSM database is part
> of the problems of OSM as a project.  There's still plenty to do but
> OSM the project is moribund.
umm, by OSH do you mean OHM? i'll reply as if you did.

basically, the folks contributing to OHM are largely OSMers who want to do
historical mapping. the current consensus in OSM appears to be that
data doesn't belong in OSM (there are OSM participants who disagree, but
seem to be in the minority). so if we want to map history we need
another place
to do it.

as for defusing mapping resources, are you telling us that we shouldn't do
OHM because you think we should work on OSM? because this is a volunteer
project after all...


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