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> On Monday, April 13, 2015 03:35:20 PM Bryce Nesbitt wrote:
> > Having done a few "up to dating" scripts:
> >
> > I recommend looking for nearby amenity=charging_station, not name=
> > Supercharger.
> > In fact you may want to make this even more "fuzzy", checking for either
> > tag.  And
> That might conflict with a nearby non-Tesla charger.
> > use name:Supercharger not name=Supercharger.
> What's the difference? I already use a case-insensitive substring search
> for
> supercharger.
> >
> > OSM mappers will often change things like a name tag.  While it is
> possibly
> > nobody will ever mess
> > with the data you left in OSM, but chances are periodically someone will
> > hand edit the nodes
> > you left.
Here's a supercharger with all the bells and whistles mapped out[1].
* The charging problem is all about current. The big old transformer that
supports a Tesla DC station was added to the north of the screen wall.
* The original node form Tesla was in the walled area.
* I use a single node for all the chargers that I have mapped including
Tesla. If a charging site has limited amps going to the vehicle, then the J
connector style can require a long time for a partial charge.  Hence, this
is not like a gas station where a single node is good enough.  For example,
an EV charger may be tied up for four hours in low amp settings.  Tesla is
changing the game with a 10 minute charge time.
* The real address on the site is 444 South Watson Road[2].  The addressing
authority did not send the address to the USPS so you will not find 444 as
a valid USPS address via address correcting software.  444 is a valid
Buckeye AZ address for emergency calls or for the utility company.  If the
address was submitted to USPS, then you'd receive a code saying that 444
was a valid address along with additional information saying that the USPS
will not deliver mail to that site.  444 is on the south side of the walled
* The 416 address is for the Carl's Jr.  I have not added that photo to the
OSM wiki yet.  I am not sure if it would help.  Perhaps Carl's Jr. is the
operator/sponsor of the charger?  If so, then that would be a savvy
business move.  Sponsoring the Tesla charger may help Carl's Jr. compete
with the truck stops to the west of the location.  USPS would deliver mail
to the 416 address.
* I put the Buckeye Supercharger name on the industrial landuse that I
added to cover the switching cabinets.  All the addresses and names would
help someone find the location.  Nominatim has already picked up the
* I used Key Pad Mapper 2 to record all the reference numbers on each
terminal.  It looks like there is significance to the As and Bs in use[3].
* I used an idea that I picked up from Bryce on his Duro repair stations.
I changed the original source tag to website. I added source as survey.
Let's say that you program sets the source tag to auto or the program's
name.  If a mapper takes the time add the detail, then your program could
use the survey tag as an indicator to discontinue the updates to the tags.
* Feel free to hack and whack on the nodes that I created.  It won't hurt
my feelers and I won't stop mapping if you do. The wiki page is a mess
right now[4].  I have found that it is a confusing topic to get straight as
I am not an EV vehicle driver.  I think there needs to be a US or North
America section of the page that has a focus on what is used here.  You all
can hack and whack on the wiki page too.
* One of the problems is that in a pinch, a regular RV socket can be used
to charge the vehicles.  That may mean that RV and EV tags could merge some
* I'd encourage you to continue your efforts.  Once you have the Tesla
stations done, then you can try your hand at all the other chargers.  I
added a great deal of detail for a couple of SemaConnect Network chargers.
I personally wouldn't do that in the future.  Having an assisted editing
system like what your are trying to develop would be a great help to
enhance limited data that a mapper might include.  All the other chargers
require some sort of membership to a network unless the government is
pushing a free one[5].  Such a deal!  Spend $30K + on an EV and get free
parking at a basketball or baseball game.  ;-)


[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/30205831
[2] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Cs_us_tesla_buckeye_charger.png
[4] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dcharging_station
[5] http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/3184125857
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