[Talk-us] GNIS POI populations

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Jan 28 15:52:51 UTC 2015

Am 13.01.2015 um 21:29 schrieb Wolfgang Zenker:
> In Montana I have removed rather than changed these POIs, as they definitely
> no longer existed before the GNIS import. Removing these for all of the US
> would be a good thing, especially for hospitals. We definitely don't want
> people in an emergency to end up in the middle of an empty field because
> they followed their navigation device to Podunk Hospital (historical).

According to overpass turbo there is the small number of 394 such nodes
(historical hospitals) remaining in the US (excluding Alaska and
Hawaii). Given that this is bad data that actually might have disastrous
consequences, I would suggest that fixing these (and other GNIS junk
that might be misleading) has a slightly higher priority than updating
population numbers.


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