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         Interesting discussion. But, I have one question. After all
that, how do I code a national forest?


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>On not-so-long-ago USFS polygons, I tagged BOTH boundary=protected_area,
>leaving older landuse=forest and leisure=nature_reserve tags as they are.
>When protected Wilderness, on initial creation, my tagging "soups 
>up" to reflect
>that Wilderness/Forest distinction:  a protect_class 6 and a 1b are 
>Leaving existing tagging alone seems best unless it is clear a newer 
>method is a
>better method, as now extant semantics can be easily lost.
>OSM editors are good hearted, wishing to improve as we edit.  I go along with
>new tagging schema as I learn them and become smarter at using them, as we
>Wholesale removal of landuse or leisure tags?  Well, now slow down. 
>I don't think
>I heard THAT.  Something about old and new styles are out there, 
>yes, I agree.
>So, it is historical and it is emerging. I've been around in OSM to 
>see it happen
>and participate in it over the years.  Older tags getting deprecated 
>might speed up
>that very decay cycle (even as I hit Send).  Yet, leaving them 
>(abandoned railroads
>anybody? no scratch that as rhetorical) largely as tagged now 
>satisfies a current
>need.  Co-existence and peace through conversation, what do you know?!
>(Elliott Plack says we see both, I agree). We have a decent 
>early-21st-century fix
>on more than a few USFS boundaries with landuse and leisure tags.  I 
>see no reason
>to go out of our way to remove those tags (in favor of protect_class 
>tag) as they
>co-exist just fine.  Sure, protect_class is a fine way to mean a 
>certain semantic.
>Yet, too, "this is a forest boundary."  What we (the USA, OSM's 
>wiki...) say a forest
>is, after all.  That has a certain standing to remain as is:  these 
>are forests.  Well,
>as of 3.6 years ago, maybe. We get smarter as we get older, right?!
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