[Talk-us] a plea to armchair mappers

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Sun Jun 14 18:48:14 UTC 2015

On 6/14/15 2:27 PM, Minh Nguyen wrote:
> With both outdated imagery and the Ohio River [1], I've had better
> luck placing redundant `note` tags on every way that such a mapper
> would be inclined to delete. iD shows `note` in a big box in the
> sidebar. It's a bit harder to miss than a (heretofore) ad-hoc tag that
> would be relegated to the All Tags section. Potlatch 2 doesn't support
> anything like it, unfortunately.
well, it's nice that iD supports a note tag this way. as far as i know
Potlatch does not and i tested JOSM and it doesn't seem to. so
note in iD would appear to be as ad-hoc as my use of README
because it sorts to the top of the tag lists in Potlatch and JOSM.

so can we have one tag which is properly supported across the
major editors? is that too much to ask?

secondarily, if it is indeed the case that this is mostly happening
because of paid mappers (i don't know that for a fact), can we
please contact who ever is supervising the paid mappers and
discuss whether their training program and standards could
be improved?


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