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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Wed Nov 18 00:06:00 UTC 2015

Hi Kate

The changes on Geobadges are naturally OK (in a way, more see below)  it
just isn't backed up by measures on the OSMF side. Aka we don't do any
age checking at all and I'm slightly concerned that addressing US youths
and only having (whatever) enforcement for half of the equation is not
such a good idea. I'm further slightly concerned that multi-million
budget US based organisations, likely with dozens of highly paid
in-house lawyers, need me to point out their local legislation to them.

The more general, relevant for OSM, issue is that we should fix the
problem properly where we can, given that sooner or later we wont be
able to ignore it. And it seems that it is now "sooner".  Either arrange
things that we are either exempt from getting consent from the parents,
having a procedure in place for this to be documented or at least some
measures in place that outline what the potential dangers are (doodling
"my home" on the map has a different quality if a 60 year does it than a
10 year old) . 

To be clear: "I" don't want to exclude a 12 year old US resident that is
interested in collecting  data in their neighbourhood from making
surveying for OSM their hobby*, as a result I'm slightly unhappy with
the above, but short term it is likely the only thing we can do.

As to "people all over the world are encouraging teenagers": there are
likely numerous other countries where their is similar legislation. it
is simply that the US is a  well known case. The oldest discussions of
this go back to at least 2009 (before I was an active member of the
community). From the LWG side, if I'm not totally mistaken, the policy
has always been to not specifically target children and youths. This may
have been considered so sensitive that it was never minuted,, but the
current and past board members that were involved are well aware of this.


* personal opinion as a parent is that I don't see a value in trying to
get kids to spend even more time in from of a screen simply arm
chairing, but going outside collecting stuff, great.

Am 17.11.2015 um 22:11 schrieb Kate Chapman:
> Hi Simon,
> What do you mean by address the OSM side of things? People all over
> the world are encouraging teenagers to contribute to OSM, this has
> been on going for years. Steven removed the part which encouraged
> people under the age of 13. What is the issue?
> -Kate
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 11:11 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>> wrote:
>     Thais good, but doesn't address the OSM side of things.
>     Historically, aka pre 2013 revision of COPPA, we couldn't touch
>     sub 13teeners with a long pole. That may have improved a bit,
>     theoretically, with the 2013 revision of COPPA, but nobody has
>     actually done the foot- and paperwork involved to find out and
>     address any issues.
>     I don't want to dig too deep in to the things that might be
>     considered problematic given general US paranoia on such topics,
>     but I would consider completely ignoring this a bit risky.
>     Simon
>     Am 17.11.2015 um 19:03 schrieb Steven Johnson:
>>     Hi Simon,
>>     The developers selected the Credly platform specifically so that
>>     the OSM community is not in the business of collecting and
>>     managing personally identifiable information (PII). Also, we're
>>     doing two things to insure GeoBadges users understand terms and
>>     conditions of the badging process:
>>     1. We're adding language to the 'About' section of the site to
>>     clarify the relationship: /"//For GeoBadge earning and issuing,
>>     we work with the Credly.com platform. Credly manages all
>>     earner-level data and security. By partnering with Credly, we can
>>     help earners increase the impact of their achievements by sharing
>>     it on social media platforms and connecting to other digital
>>     badging projects that also use Credly. To learn more about
>>     Credly, visit credly.com <http://credly.com/>./
>>     /
>>     /
>>     /GeoBadges complies with the COPPA and DCMA laws of the United
>>     States. Only individuals age 13+ are eligible to earn GeoBadges.
>>     If any content on the site seems inappropriate or out of
>>     compliance, please contact us immediately
>>     at geobadges at americangeo.org <mailto:geobadges at americangeo.org>."/
>>     /
>>     /
>>     2. We're removing the Grade 3-5 option, since clearly that would
>>     be marketed to under 13.
>>     Thanks for your concern. Hope I've addressed your question. Best
>>     regards,
>>     -- SEJ
>>     -- twitter: @geomantic
>>     -- skype: sejohnson8
>>     "Wretches, utter wretches, keep your hands off beans!" -
>>     v.141, /On Nature, /Empedocles
>>     On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 6:59 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
>>     <mailto:simon at poole.ch>> wrote:
>>         I assume that you have got legal advice on the COPPA related
>>         consequences of your activities and are willing to share this
>>         with the OSMF?
>>         Simon
>>         Am 17.11.2015 um 02:45 schrieb Steven Johnson:
>>>         Hello list,
>>>         Just in time for #OSMGeoweek, TeachOSM with support from
>>>         Mapstory.org and American Geographical Society, has released
>>>         the first OpenStreetMap Surveyor I badge.[1] 
>>>         The badge is aimed at the newest open mappers of any age and
>>>         is awarded for successful acquisition of basic editing
>>>         skills on OpenStreetMap. We envision this badge to be the
>>>         first in a constellation of more specialized badges based on
>>>         skill sets, domains, area knowledge, and so forth. For more
>>>         info on the mechanics of GeoBadges, see the AGS blog post[2].
>>>         We have a special deal during OSMGeoweek: Anyone who maps in
>>>         any of the #100Mapathons, #MissingMaps, #PeaceCorps, or #HOT
>>>         events during OSMGeoweek will be eligible to claim the
>>>         badge. Just make sure to comment your changeset with one of
>>>         the 2015 OSMGeoweek hashtags so we can find it. 
>>>         Happy Mapping, everyone...
>>>         [1] http://bit.ly/1NAhybF
>>>         [2] http://bit.ly/1Pwsi0G <https://t.co/nfsoqNYFvW> 
>>>         -- SEJ
>>>         -- twitter: @geomantic
>>>         -- skype: sejohnson8
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