[Talk-us] [Imports] Proposing import of sidewalk data Seattle, WA, USA

Greg Morgan dr.kludge.gm at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 17:38:24 UTC 2016

> Again this seems to be is the "I'm waiting for someone else to do something"
> line.  If you want a map rendering that shows stop signs, create one, like I

I am not standing in any line.  If I find an issue that I don't think
has been addressed or the original author did not understand is an
issue, then I file a bug report to the best my abilities.  That
doesn't mean I have to pick up the language and supply the patch.  The
way that open source works is that you don't always have to be the
coder.  Besides I would put up Butt ugly tiles that only a mother
would dare hang on her fridge and be proud of.  Then again, Tiles At
Home was Butt ugly and effective for mappers to see there changes.

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