[Talk-us] Common names of highways do not match road signs.

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sat Jul 9 01:53:40 UTC 2016

There are many parts here:  road signs in the real world, names which might not match those, data in OSM, and presentation by "stacks" (hardware/software/network) of those data.  The first two can be captured with proper tagging in the third.  If the fourth does not meet your needs, it MAY be that the underlying data are wrong, or need improvement.  However, it may also be that you need to reconfigure your viewing method/tool, or use another one altogether which more properly presents you with the data as you wish to see them.  Yes, it is important to you that you see the data you wish to see.  MORE important is that the data are "there" as they should be.  Let's capture what is important with good tagging.


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