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Horea Meleg horea.meleg at telenav.com
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Hy Paul,
Thanks for your reply. Can you give us an example of how exactly you’re approaching this, to understand better (some coordinates maybe).
Also can you please tell us how you think our presented case, should be processed:
[cid:image003.jpg at 01D2BF4B.C520A8B0]

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On Tue, Apr 25, 2017 at 4:19 AM, Horea Meleg <horea.meleg at telenav.com<mailto:horea.meleg at telenav.com>> wrote:
Hy guys, thanks for your responses.
Do you think that is better to move motorway_junction where continuous line begins? In real life you can't cross a continuous line, so I think it should be the same in OSM. What do you think?

Does anybody have objections on me updating that approach with my method?  I tend to start a new lane where the lane taper finishes, start a split at the start of the theoretical gore (placement=transition on the exit), and start the ramp centerline at the bullnose.  For solid line situations, the US is a little weird on this.  A single solid white line is officially a "discouraged" movement one should make only with extreme caution, whereas crossing a double-white line is prohibited, as outlined in the MUTCD.  In either case, I would generally take the conservative approach in this situation, using something like change:lanes=yes|yes|yes|not_right|no where that solid line is.
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