[Talk-us] TIGER fixup for Hurricane Harvey potential impact areas

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Sat Aug 26 05:15:00 UTC 2017

On Aug 26, 2017 00:10, "Greg Morgan" <dr.kludge.gm at gmail.com> wrote:

On Aug 25, 2017 1:59 PM, "Brian May" <bmay at mapwise.com> wrote:

Calling all TIGER fixup junkies. I've been poking around the coastal areas
of Texas where Hurricane Harvey is expected to make landfall and seeing a
lot of TIGER fixup needed. More and more websites depend on OSM so it would
be nice to provide more accurate and updated info than what is there now.
Maps and GIS are going to be heavily relied on especially after the storm.

I find it interesting that US is called on to save the world. Will there be
a HOT activating for Texas? Will we get any new imagery for the area? Are
local agencies so well prepared that there is no need to use OSM?

Basically, yes. Part of your tax dollars go to building rather extensive
geospatial datasets for situations just like this. It's always helpful to
improve OSM data, but the best use of our time will probably be in
digitizing post-event imagery when it becomes available.
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