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On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 12:28 AM, Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com>

> I m following this conversation in hopes that if it ever gets resolved
> someone will update the Wiki. I have my fears that, along with many other
> contentious issues, it may never be resolved to the satisfaction of all
> parties.
> Meanwhile, I'm doing major work in Alaska and although my current focus is
> primarily on adding geographic features, this issue has practical
> implications for me. The George Parks Highway and the Alaska Highway come
> to mind immediately. They are a bit of a mish-mash with some sections
> tagged motorway, some trunk, and the speed limit varies from 65 mph in
> rural areas down to 40 mph in towns. That's the nature of the highway
> system in Alaska where a single highway serves an immense largely
> unpopulated geographical and area. Most sections of those highways are
> "trunk" roads by most definitions yet they have normal at-grade
> intersections, intersections with driveways, tracks, etc.

I don't consider intersections with driveways to be a dealbreaker.  On the
primary/trunk edge cases, particularly on the "major highway/freeway
cancelled after construction started" type situation, the relative lack of
driveways and relative prevalence of ramps along with historical context
might be the only claim to the very lowest end of trunk on a dual
carriageway and potentially highest end of primary for a single carriageway
(I'd only consider a single carriageway to be a trunk if it's completely
controlled access with no at grade intersections or driveways).

> I'm a novice with highway tagging of this sort but if any of you more
> experienced mappers would care to take a look at those two highways, any
> feedback would be appreciated.

I'm a bit rusty on my Alaska geography, so if you got a relation or way ID
to work with, that might help.  Excluding the unpaved primaries that I'm
aware of that compose most of Alaska DOT's mileage, I'd hazard to guess
Alaska has considerably more "trunk" than "motorway" miles, particularly
outside of metro Anchorage.
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