[Talk-us] Allegheny County, PA: Building Footprints import

GeoKitten geokittenosm at protonmail.com
Wed Oct 18 23:43:47 UTC 2017

The import is now online at http://tasks.openstreetmap.us/project/131

If you're interested, go ahead and contribute.

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> Subject: [Talk-us] Allegheny County, PA: Building Footprints import
> Local Time: October 10, 2017 7:38 PM
> UTC Time: October 10, 2017 11:38 PM
> From: geokittenosm at protonmail.com
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> I would like to propose an import of buildings in Allegheny County from
> the county's open data. I'm contacting everyone because the import guidelines
> require all imports to be discussed within the local community. Since neither
> Pittsburgh nor Pennsylvania has much of a community where we can discuss these
> issues, I put this on the US list.
> The wiki page is here:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Allegheny_County_Building_Import
> In summary, I wish to import around 500,000 buildings in Allegheny County.
> The data is good quality and I've confirmed that we're allowed to use it. I
> already have a plan on how to import it: I will ask for an account on the OSM
> US Tasking Manager and put it there, where the community will be free to
> help add the buildings on chunk at a time. I am styling my import after some
> previous imports of Microsoft building data in the South (link:
> http://tasks.openstreetmap.us/project/122 ). I'm personally interested in this
> project so I plan on contributing to the actual import.
> Is this import a good idea? If you have any concerns, suggestions,
> or improvements, I am eager to hear them. I'm a mapper local to this area but
> this is the first import I've tried to conduct.
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