[Openstreetmap] How do we handle large amount of GPS points?

SteveC steve at fractalus.com
Sun Nov 21 23:35:36 GMT 2004

* Jo Walsh (jo at frot.org) wrote:
> last week you mentioned plans, to set up a WebDAV server that would
> allow people to share raw GP(S)X tracks as well as point collections.
> this sounded like a nice idea; one could index their extents and have
> a bouding box query saying 'give me urls for all track segments that
> pass through this region'.

Thats exactly what I've done, but with xmlrpc and not webdav. People
keep telling me webdav is shite, and I tend to agree.

the question is now about what to store since matts pretty hardcore on
line extraction, and wants more fields than I envisaged.

> Schuyler had a nice out-of-the-blue email from Richard at
> geowiki.co.uk today, saying more or less, 'we're still happily hacking
> on it, but hand-crafting in illustrator is a PITA, we are thinking
> about more heavy GIS and about track-sharing services' of the sort
> being talked here... it would be good to get them in the loop as
> they've done a lot of good work on lines for major UK road systems and on
> cartographic presentation. 

sweet, cc'd.

have fun,

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