[Openstreetmap] mapserver experiments with OSM data

Chris Holmes cholmes at openplans.org
Sun Jun 5 13:34:40 BST 2005

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> Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 10:49:11 -0700
> From: Jo Walsh <jo at frot.org>
> Subject: [Openstreetmap] mapserver experiments with OSM data
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> hello
> i've been playing around with the OSM street segments and mapserver
> WFS/WMS stuff...  e.g.
> http://map.wirelesslondon.info/map/osm?center=51.52+-0.14&zoom=6
> http://map.wirelesslondon.info/map/osm?center=59.93+10.75&zoom=6
> the first is the london map, the second is the oslo one. both look
> promising. this is a bit slow 'cos it's using the JPL landsat WMS for
> the base layer outside of our false-colour London image.
> this is also republishing the street segments via WFS:
> http://map.wirelesslondon.info/map/wfs.cgi?service=WFS&request=GetCapabilities
Sweet.  Though I can't seem to get it to work.  The getcaps works fine, 
but then I do 

And I get: 

> this isn't a 'live' service, i just slurped the lines down with a
> script.
> http://scm.kforge.net/plugins/scmsvn/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/freemap/osm/?root=consumotronic
> contains the interface utils i wrote. i'd like to do some simple
> metadata reannotation once that bit of the API is more worked out. 
> i wonder if there could be at least a restful way of referring to
> things in your model, where node and segment UIDs correspond to
> URIs... are the IDs likely to change; would you mind someone else, e.g
> us, publishing such a scheme...? 
Would be very cool if these aligned with the WMS featureids.  That's why I 
wanted to check the getfeature request, to see how mapserver was handling 
them.  If implemented correctly they should be unique, persistant ids.  
Right now the namespace on the wfs is: http://www.ttt.org/myns which I 
suppose is a mapserver default.  


> -jo
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