[Openstreetmap] mapserver experiments with OSM data

Schuyler Erle schuyler at nocat.net
Thu Jun 9 17:58:26 BST 2005

* On  9-Jun-2005 at 12:43AM PDT, nick at hogweed.org said:
> Did you have any problems with accuracy when grabbing the data off
> the Landsat server? I say that as I still haven't figured out the
> 100m (or so) displacement I get when I request Landsat data for a
> given latitude/longitude area.

No, we downloaded the individual spectral layers from landcover.org
and composited them ourselves using GRASS. Then I exported them to
GeoTIFF and used GDAL to do the internal tiling and add the overviews.
So this composite actually has nothing to do with the JPL WMS, and I
*think* the georeferencing is more or less accurate.


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