[Openstreetmap] mapserver experiments with OSM data

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Thu Jun 9 09:45:08 BST 2005

> I think that would be pretty cool! We've got a 70 meg tiled TIFF with
> overviews of Landsat-7 for greater London that we can supply, either
> directly or through our WMS.  MapServer handles reading the overviews
> from the TIFF for us, which is super fast on the server side, and WMS
> requests are basically a simple HTTP GET request, so that's one
> option, but I'm totally happy to offer the TIFF image for download to
> anyone who wants to play with it.

Did you have any problems with accuracy when grabbing the data off the Landsat 
server? I say that as I still haven't figured out the 100m (or so) 
displacement I get when I request Landsat data for a given latitude/longitude 


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