[OSM-talk] baby steps - nebie needs hand-holding - phase 2!

Nick Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Sun Apr 2 12:27:00 BST 2006

Hello RolyMo

Great to have you on-board.

I was going to buy a GPS60 until I saw a Geko at a very good price. 
Initially, I was concerned about the steps needed to get from moving 
around my streets to getting the segments filled in with OSM.

I was surprised how easy it was for me and have been very happy with the 
Geko. It is small, does what it says on the packet. Only real moan is 
battery life. It us small and uses AAA cells which have a smaller 
capacity than the AA cells bigger units use. Get some good AAA 1000mAh 
cells and you should get 12-15 hours per charge.

Instructions to get your GPS traces from the Geko to a GPX file on your 
computer are available here:


Once you have your tracklog.gpx file

go to:
Click on GPS traces
Click the Browse... button. Locate the gpx file you have just downloaded 
onto your computer.
Give the GPX file a short description and put place names on the next 
line as tags.
Click upload

Every 15 minutes on the hour, the uploaded GPX traces are processed and 
integrated into the tracklog database.

Assuming nobody has viewed your tracked area with the applet recently, 
you will see your tracklog in the applet after the next 15 minute 
processing cycle.

Caching problem: If you or anyone else has viewed the area you have just 
tracked before your GPX file was processed, you will need to wait up to 
48 hours before the tracks become visible. This is because the GPX tiles 
are generated and cached for up to 48 hours and you will need to wait 
for the old ones to expire. Alternatively, you can try a different zoom 
level in the applet, which may re-generate different tiles.

RolyMo wrote:
> Dear All,
> Having read as much as possible on the wiki, various websites and
> replies to my earlier email (thanks very much), I am starting to
> formulate how I, as a OSM/GPS beginner, might try to help out with the
> OSM project.
> Again, I'd appreciate any thoughts.

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