[OSM-talk] baby steps - nebie needs hand-holding - phase 2!

Zebedee Mason zebmason at f2s.com
Sun Apr 2 14:28:32 BST 2006

RolyMo wrote:

>Again, I'd appreciate any thoughts.
>1 Buy GPS device.  I am looking at the Garmin GPS60 following Nick
>Black's review in the wiki and further reading.  Is there a compelling
>reason to buy more adanced versions in the range if all I want the
>device for is OSM-related?
I've upgraded from an eTrex Vista to an Edge 305, which is a step change 
in technology due to the inclusion of a Sirf StarIII chip. Suddenly I 
can get a signal in the city centre and under tree cover. In the Garmin 
GPSMAP range you're looking at the Cx and CSx models to get the Sirf 
chip. Unfortunately I cannot comment on the relative accuracy of the 
chip in the older GPSMAP models to the Sirf.


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