[OSM-talk] baby steps - nebie needs hand-holding - phase 2!

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sun Apr 2 15:45:54 BST 2006

RolyMo wrote:

> Having read as much as possible on the wiki, various websites and
> replies to my earlier email (thanks very much), I am starting to
> formulate how I, as a OSM/GPS beginner, might try to help out with the
> OSM project.

Your introduction is very much the same thing, as the one I wrote 
in Swedish in January, 

I think beginners benefit from having everything on a single page, 
that they can print and read, before they get started.  Of course 
the intricate details about using the editing applet is not 
explained here.  It's only an introduction for beginners.

> 4 Donate!  The only donation mechanism I've seen is the PayPal link on

The problem right now is: Who gets the money?  There still is no 
organization in place.  This is a current topic of discussion.

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