[OSM-talk] Merging data sets (was: web site map enhancement, los angeles)

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Fri Apr 7 09:05:10 BST 2006


> I can't think of any reliable way of checking to see if a road has
> already been included, and without that reliable check, surely you'd
> end up with duplicated, though slightly different, data. I suppose you
> could check those roads that are tagged with street names, but how
> many actually are at this point?

My current understanding is, that we don't want to auto-reject anything
because some street already is near the data.

Instead, tools will be improved to easily solve such things by hand. You
should be able to easy merge two existing streets into one, if you are
convinced both describe only one physical street.

We need more coders! ;-)

Ciao, Imi.

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