[OSM-talk] Prototype OSM renderer showing road types, place names and contours

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 11:18:19 BST 2006

>This looks really good.  As Andy says is there any possibilty of user
>defined colouring?  Maybe you could use the same rule files that drive
>Osmarender somehow?


I was thinking along those lines, though as the map is generated server 
side the rule files would have to be stored on the server. One possibility 
is a set of pre-defined rule files for commonly-used styles, then have a 
web interface to allow the user to select their own custom scheme.

>It would be nice if the map area was much much much bigger - its only
>actually using 15% of my screen: (400*300)/(1024*768)*100=15.25%.

Will do. The 400x300 is because the code is derived from Freemap and 
Freemap uses that size; the rest of the screen space is needed for the 
Freemap controls though these are not needed here.


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