[OSM-talk] Problem with nodes in osmeditor2

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 13:38:50 BST 2006

>I am trying to create some ways in osmeditor2. I have read in my GPS
>data and grabbed the nearby data from OSM to link up with. The problem
>comes when I start creating nodes and segments:

>1)     The node creation tool brings up a dialogue box for each node
>that I make. This would be useful if I were marking points of
>interest, but it just slows things down when building ways.

>2)     When I try to link the nodes with segments, the segment tool
>always seems to create new nodes rather than linking up
>existing ones! This cannot be right...

The node creation tool is not designed for creating nodes for linking 
segments segments; it's designed for creating points of interest.

The segment tool should link together existing nodes, click on the first 
node, then click on the second and a segment will be created between them.

To create a new set of segments representing a road or path, do the 

- select the segment creation tool
- click on the position of the first point of the first segment. This will 
create a node.
- click on the position of the second point of the first segment. This 
will create a second node *and* the segment between the two nodes.
- assuming the second node of the first segment is the first node of the 
second segment, click on it again
- click on the position of the second point of the second segment. This 
will create the node, and the second segment.
- continue for remaining segments making up the road or path.

If anyone feels that there is a more intuitive way of doing this let me 
know and I'll try and find the time to do it... I guess the most important 
thing is to update instructions on the wiki :-)



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