[OSM-talk] Problem with nodes in osmeditor2

Andrew Findlay andrew at findlay.org
Tue Apr 11 14:45:03 BST 2006

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 01:38:50PM +0100, Nick Whitelegg wrote:

> The node creation tool is not designed for creating nodes for linking 
> segments segments; it's designed for creating points of interest.

That is what I had expected - I was only using it because the 'obvious
way' did not do what I wanted...

> The segment tool should link together existing nodes, click on the first 
> node, then click on the second and a segment will be created between them.

Does a GPS trackpoint count as a 'node' for this purpose?

> To create a new set of segments representing a road or path, do the 
> following:
> - select the segment creation tool
> - click on the position of the first point of the first segment. This will 
> create a node.
> - click on the position of the second point of the first segment. This 
> will create a second node *and* the segment between the two nodes.
> - assuming the second node of the first segment is the first node of the 
> second segment, click on it again
> - click on the position of the second point of the second segment. This 
> will create the node, and the second segment.
> - continue for remaining segments making up the road or path.
> If anyone feels that there is a more intuitive way of doing this let me 
> know and I'll try and find the time to do it... I guess the most important 
> thing is to update instructions on the wiki :-)

That is exactly the process that I tried initially, but it results in
new nodes at each end of each segment. Even if I clamp the mouse in
position while clicking I seem to get two nodes in the same place.
This is easy to test - just make some 'joined up' segments and use the
move-node tool to shift one of the joins: one line goes with the node,
the other stays put.

Given the red circle that appears when you click, I had expected a
'snap to nearest existing node inside circle' behaviour.

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