[OSM-talk] Problem with nodes in osmeditor2

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 14:58:56 BST 2006

>> The segment tool should link together existing nodes, click on the 
>> node, then click on the second and a segment will be created between 

>Does a GPS trackpoint count as a 'node' for this purpose?

Trackpoints aren't counted as nodes, trackpoints are displayed just as a 
basis for you to create your nodes and segments. They were previously, but 
that often caused problems; if two trackpoints are very close together, it 
was easy (IMX) when creating segments to have two nodes (rather than one) 
at the junction of two segments.

>That is exactly the process that I tried initially, but it results in
>new nodes at each end of each segment. Even if I clamp the mouse in
>position while clicking I seem to get two nodes in the same place.
>This is easy to test - just make some 'joined up' segments and use the
>move-node tool to shift one of the joins: one line goes with the node,
>the other stays put.

>Given the red circle that appears when you click, I had expected a
>'snap to nearest existing node inside circle' behaviour.

That could be the problem - the red circle is just there to highlight a 
node. When selecting on it you have to click right on the node. This is to 
avoid ambiguities which might arise if more than one node was within the 
red circle. However, I'm happy to change this behaviour if it's seen as 


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