[OSM-talk] Statistics on planet.osm.gz

Jim Ley jim at jibbering.com
Thu Apr 13 10:49:33 BST 2006

"Immanuel Scholz" <immanuel.scholz at gmx.de> wrote in message 
news:44564. at www.eigenheimstrasse.de...
>> If you do that you are creating two logical entities for one physical
>> entity.
> Yep. That's what I am suggesting. If you have two different logical things
> (a highway and a minor city road) for the same physical thing (the asphalt
> lying there), then it is best to model that by just doing so.

But you don't have a highway other than in the sense of it once being one of 
the main roads of the country, the country has since downgraded that road 
without downgrading the name - the A30 is another example, for some of its 
distance it's a fast good dual carriageway, but then it turns in to a 
backroad that no-one goes on.

I think it needs to be described as a city road to stop any future route 
planners from deciding it would be a perfectly reasonable route rather than 
the longer highway that goes round the city.



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