[OSM-talk] Mapping IoW (I'm a new person with possible interest indoing something)

Timothy Fintan Langner timflang at btinternet.com
Tue Apr 25 16:32:40 BST 2006

I am more than happy to map footpaths. I have an up-to-date 1:25 000 map of 
the Isle of Wight so it would be fairly easy for me to find the footpaths 
and then map them.

However I don't want to start mapping somewhere to find it's being done by 
someone else. I also need to be able to get to and from places without any 
big hassles.

Having said that if the footpaths exist on out of copyright maps then they 
wouldn't need to be captured. Or would they? Am I right in assuming that 
only changes are being captured as opposed to everything? Are the out of 
copyright maps being digitised first?

As I have only just come across this, I don't know how it is all be 
organised and carried out.

Timothy Langner

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>>I don't have a car and I can't ride a bike, so if I did anything it would
>>have to be on foot. I would be coming over on a Portsmouth ferry and I am
>>not 100% sure if I want to stay over night yet. I may only do one day as
> I
>>have university coursework to do.
> Well there's always the footpaths to map, that's what I plan on doing as
> a)I don't drive b) I can ride a bike but don't have one ATM and c) I like
> walking :-) It's probably not feasible to map every footpath on the island
> in the time unless a lot of people do footpaths, but focusing on the most
> popular areas in the south and west of the island would help.
> Nick
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