[OSM-talk] Mapping IoW (I'm a new person with possible interestindoing something)

Dan Karran dan at karran.net
Tue Apr 25 18:55:05 BST 2006

On 4/25/06, Nick Whitelegg <Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk> wrote:

> I'm not 100% sure, but I *think* that it would be violating copyright law
> to copy the status of a footpath from an OS map. However, I also *think*
> that the footpath status indicated on the County Council definitive maps
> is public domain (however they are typically overlaid on a copyrighted OS
> map). Don't take this as advice (IANAL), I'm as much asking the question
> as answering it. Anyone more certain of this?

I'm no more certain than you Nick but I'd say that you wouldn't be
copying the status of the footpath from the map, more using the map to
find footpaths and then using any information from signage (they're at
least signposted with a green man, aren't they?) as the information to
tag the tracks with.


Dan Karran
dan at karran.net

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