[OSM-talk] Apologies

Immanuel Scholz immanuel.scholz at gmx.de
Tue Apr 25 19:47:10 BST 2006


> I also want to apologize for creating a WMS server for the data - I 
> didn't realize that I was possibly endangering the OSM project,

What the... ? Who said making a WMS server would endanger the OSM
project??? OF COURSE we want an WMS server which is capable of
delivering OSM data. The main server has one already. (Although it is
not the fastest one ;-)

> but that also lets people put it on top of copyright data and
> compare.

Yes, this is an open problem. On the one hand, most of us want to see
nice stuff like Google layered maps with all those cool maps from Google
already available.

On the other hand, this would only be legal published, if OSM were not
under an viral license, and I know one at least one guy (me ;) who has a
problem with this.. ;)  (I would feel like one of those poor Chinese
people, that have to enter the google data in the first place ;)

> Is there any way to expose WMS in a way that's not dangerous to the 
> project? I'd be willing to expose a WMS server on my server for
> others to use, if someone tells me the best way to prevent it from
> being abused.

Just provide an WMS layer. There is nothing wrong in people having any
copyrighted map layered on OSM maps. There is something wrong in
publishing it ;-).

Ciao, Imi.

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