[OSM-talk] Prototype OSM renderer showing road types, place names and contours

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Apr 28 11:53:02 BST 2006

>This prototype renderer (http://nick.dev.openstreetmap.org/index.php)
>has an immediately useful function as a proofing device for the areas
>that are covered. I can see in the area that I am about to work in
>(Enfield, N London) not only what the coverage is but also what tagging
>is done. At normal zoom you can see where road categorisation changes
>need to be tidied up, and at zoomed scales you can see how road name
>tagging needs to be tidied up by making ways, etc. One question though
>(and apologies if I have missed this earlier) is what is the relation
>between this data and the full OSM data? Or to put it another way - when
>will any changes made by editing in OSM be reflected automatically in
>this view? I did see a post asking when it would link to live data (ask
>Steve was reply!) and I think one saying there would be a monthly data
>dump (but that might have been about something else), so could someone
>just update me.

At the moment it uses the monthly data dump, planet.osm, so currently it's 
about a month out of date (as the data dump happens at the start of the 
However, from sometime next week it is likely to be used as the main 
renderer so will accurately reflect the current state of the OSM database.
One caveat: it does not render ways at the moment. This is because the SQL 
for getting ways from the database leads to prohibitively slow rendering, 
though Steve and others are working on this so it is likely to be a 
temporary problem.
As a quick fix, next time I grab planet.osm I will parse the ways and set 
each way's constituent segments to have the same tags as the parent way.


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