[OSM-talk] Broken Ways, WMS Server Status

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Fri Apr 28 12:22:10 BST 2006

>From the Planet.osm dump, ways with id 1969, 1970 both seem to be
broken: they have hundreds of segments, but they all have id 616316.
These ways were both 'created by josm' -- is this a problem with josm?
Is there any way to prevent this from happening in the future? (I'm sure
someone will tell me that I can edit them myself, but since I can't get
any editors working on my machine anymore, I don't really want to hear
it :p)

I'm still working on building up a WMS server of the OSM data, by the
way -- although it's usable at zoom levels less than Google's 7 or so,
at higher scales, it takes longer. This is helped by a tiling interface,
but at a whole world extent, all tiles load in sub 2 seconds... except
the one with the UK in it, which takes 15 ;)

The solution to this is to develop some kind of scale dependant
rendering, but previously I had loaded only segments and nodes. Scale
dependant rendering requires something more -- first, loading the tags,
and hopefully I'll also be able to use the 'ways'.

I'm concerned that with the small number of ways, using scale dependant
rendering will prove useless as most of the larger roads have not been
tagged or added to ways. 

But there's not much to do other than try it, and I'll report back on
any results.

If people would like access to the WMS thus far, ping me off list -- I'd
rather have a few testers before I release it to the world in general.

Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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